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Choosing the best knife / multi tool for the trail can be overwhelming for new backpackers. With all those options, you'll need someone to help you make that informed decision. The BackcountryAZ Situational Acting Company is here to help! When it comes to knives and multi-tools, the mistake many beginning backpackers make is to over…
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Just the (Hiking) Tip – Episode 1 – Kcup Pre Filter

Hiking in and around Arizona can be a dicey proposition when it comes to water. Some of the water sources you come across may be full of sediment and floaties. Those impurities can clog your Sawyer water filter, reducing the flow rate or rendering useless all together. A Sawyer Water Filter is great- no doubt,…
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Backcountry Podcast Episode 9 – “NOT MY FIRST CHOICE…”

In the 9th episode of the Backcountry podcast from BackcountryAZ, Joe, Shelby and newcomer Dan discuss their recent Grand Canyon adventure and what they learned. Also, the seeds are planted for segment hiking the Arizona Trail. Then the boys discuss the bands they just don't understand the appeal of. Grand Canyon Time Lapse Jane's Addiction…
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