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Backcountry Podcast Episode 8 – Massive F*ckups and Sniper Attacks

In the first Backcountry Podcast of 2018, Mike and Joe are in studio to discuss the false ballistic missile threat to Hawaii, the vastly under-reported sniper attack on a California power station, President John Tyler's living grandchildren and whether or not side by side ATV's are becoming a nuisance. California Power Station Attack - YouTube…
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Backcountry Podcast – Episode 7 – The Force Mistaken

In the final Backcountry Episode for 2017, Joe, Mike and Shelby get together for a "square table" discussion on a variety of topics. The boys gain some clarity on a few points of contention including Uber and Die Hard. Also discussed is bucket list backpacking trips, surviving the apocalypse and the anger towards the new…
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Backcountry Podcast – Episode 5 – “Aggravated and Motivated”

In this episode of the Backcountry Podcast on, Mike and Joe talk motivation and getting inspired for success, what makes for a successful enterprise, and the art of working together to achieve a common goal. Also discussed is bad country music and being swallowed up by the "machine" Then the boys take a detour…
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