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The Backcountry Podcast – Episode 2 – “Unplugged”

  On the second episode of the now rechristened Backcountry Podcast, Joe (AKA The Chief) and Mr. Feeney, discuss the why we camp and the benefits of unplugging for a few days. The boys also get into the age old question - Is turkey overrated? Plus, a short addendum to our NFL uniform debate. Running…
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Backcountry Podcast – Episode 1 – “All right, here we are…”

Here it is - the first episode of the Backcountry Podcast from the world headquarters. In this first episode, we talk about fibs on the Pacific Crest Trail, the travesty that is some NFL uniforms, the college basketball recruiting scandal, the movie The Accountant and more. Join hosts Joe (AKA The Chief) and Mike…
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