The Backcountry Playlist – July 2017

The inaugural Backcountry AZ playlist features a decidedly Arizona feel with The Refreshments, Gloritone and Gin Blossoms all making an appearance. Also included on the list are the perineal boys of summer - The Mighty Van Halen.

The playlist was has a very chill vibe for laying back in your hammock and losing yourself in your thoughts and your surroundings. So load it up on your Ipod (those are still a thing right?) or phone and enjoy.

Eddie Vedder - Hard Sun

The Refreshments - Don't Wanna Know

Gary Hoey - Drive

Gloritone - The Same Horse

Wilco - Impossible Germany (live)

Van Halen - Secrets

Sweet - Fox on the Run

The Black Keys - Little Black Submarines

Gin Blossoms - Mrs. Rita

Joe Jackson - Look Sharp!

Badfinger - Baby Blue

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