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Backcountry Podcast – Episode 5 – “Aggravated and Motivated”

In this episode of the Backcountry Podcast on, Mike and Joe talk motivation and getting inspired for success, what makes for a successful enterprise, and the art of working together to achieve a common goal. Also discussed is bad country music and being swallowed up by the "machine" Then the boys take a detour…
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Backcountry Podcast Episode 4 – “Backcountry After Dark”

In the 4th episode of the Backcountry Podcast (a.k.a. Backcountry After Dark), Joe is joined in the BackcountryAZ studio by Shelby Butler as the pair discuss the proposed National Park fee increase, uranium mining near the Grand Canyon and Shelby's 10 day odyssey to the Grand Canyon and Zion national park. So sit back and…
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Backcountry Podcast – Episode 3 – “In Gear”

On the 3rd episode of the Backcountry Podcast, Joe (AKA The Chief) and Mr. Feeney discuss the ins and outs of being a gear whore and the best and worst gear finds. They also dive into the debate of girls joining the Boy Scouts and close the show with a conversation about the worst halloween…
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