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Honest Outfitters Double Backpacking Hammock

Backstory Hammocks seem to be all the rage these days. It seems an entire subculture has popped up around the lightweight hammock whether it is used for a relaxing car camping trip or as part of  a sleep system for the experienced backpacker. I have to admit, I blatantly ignored the hammock fad thinking that…
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Day Hike: Bright Angel Trail to Indian Garden

[huge_it_maps id="4"] [spacer] Trail: Bright Angel Trail - Grand Canyon National Park Length (approx): 9.6 miles (round trip to Indian Garden Campground and back) Difficulty: Moderate to Extremely Difficult (depending on turn-around point) Water: Every 1.5 miles* Elevation Loss & Gain (approx): 6,120 ft (3,060 ft in each direction) Route Finding: Easy Time: Minimum 4 Hours Recommended Gear: Hiking…
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