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The Sea to Summit Comfort Plus S.I. Sleeping Pad is a lightweight yet warm and comfortable sleeping pad. It features many innovative options and is one of the truly "self inflating" sleeping pads on the market.

About Sea to Summit Comfort Plus S.I.

The Sea to Summit Comfort Plus S.I. might be the most comfortable backpacking sleeping pad on the market. The solid choice of materials makes this pad like sleeping on your bed in the backcountry - all while keeping the weight under 2 pounds. The Sea to Summit Comfort Plus S.I. employs their Delta-Core technology to keep the weight down and boost the R-value to a very warm 4.1.

Sea to Summit Comfort Plus S.I. also employs a multi-function valve that makes inflation and deflation a literal breeze. The Sea to Summit Comfort Plus S.I. actually self inflates, while most other brands only claim to do so.

Overall, we highly recommend the The Sea to Summit Comfort Plus S.I. to those hikers and campers who want a lightweight pad that offers more comfort than your average sleeping pad.


  • 30-denier stretch-knit top fabric offers a soft, next-to-skin feeling; pad bottom is lightweight 30-denier polyester with laminated thermoplastic urethane for durability
  • Delta core technology removes 40% of the initial volume of the polyurethane foam core for minimal packed weight and size
  • Delta core technology keeps the bottom surface of the polyurethane foam completely intact which ensures consistent warmth along the full length of the mattress
  • One-way inflation valve can be reversed and used to prevent air from being drawn back in; allowing you to roll the mat without fighting re-inflation as you go
  • R-value equals 4.1; most sleeping pads we sell range in R-value from 1.0 (minimally insulated) to 9.5 (well insulated)


Technical specs
Best Use - Backpacking
Sleeping Pad Type - Self-inflating Pad
Insulation Type - Open-cell Foam
R-Value - 4.1
Repair Kit Included - Yes? (Mine did not...oversight?)
Stuff Sack Included - Yes
Packed Size - Regular: 7 x 11.25 inches | Long: 7.5 x 12 inches
Pad Thickness - 3 1/8 inches
Dimensions - Regular: 72 x 20 x 3 inches | Long: 78 x 25 x 3 inches
Weight - Regular: 1 lb. 15 oz. | Long: 2 lbs. 8 oz.

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