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Solo – A Grand Canyon Story

Joe from Backcountry AZ takes you on a personal journey through the Grand Canyon. Follow Joe as he travels down the South Kaibab Trail and then out the Bright Angel Trail...taking in all the Grand Canyon has to offer along the way. Joe makes stops at Phantom Ranch and Indian Garden Campground, spends some time…
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I Married an Avid Hiker…and Learned to Love it

The Avid Hiker It’s a classic story: Boy and girl meet. They fall in love. They marry. Then they see the true side of each other. When I married my husband I thought I knew him pretty well, I knew he was an Eagle Scout and was fairly active in sports. Little did I know…
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Backcountry Podcast Episode 9 – “NOT MY FIRST CHOICE…”

In the 9th episode of the Backcountry podcast from BackcountryAZ, Joe, Shelby and newcomer Dan discuss their recent Grand Canyon adventure and what they learned. Also, the seeds are planted for segment hiking the Arizona Trail. Then the boys discuss the bands they just don't understand the appeal of. Grand Canyon Time Lapse Jane's Addiction…
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