Sandy’s Canyon Trail / Arizona Trail – Flagstaff


Trail / Area: Sandy's Canyon Trail / Arizona Trail - Flagstaff, AZ

Total Distance (round trip): 5 Miles (2.5 miles to cave feature at Fisher Point)

Trail Difficulty: Easy

Terrain: Mostly flat trail - a little rocky to start

Water Availability: Bring your own

Route Finding: Easy

Time: 1.5 hours round trip

Dogs: Allowed on leash

The Trail

The Sandy's Canyon trailhead is located off Lake Mary Road just south of Flagstaff, AZ. The trailhead is clearly marked and easy to find from Lake Mary Road. My wife and I took the dog and decided we were going to hike out to the small cave feature at Fisher Point about 2.5 miles away.

The trail starts off pretty flat along the rim of Walnut Canyon before heading down into the canyon itself. The first 1/2 mile is a little rocky, as you head downhill. As you reach the bottom, the trail opens up into a grove of aspens and becomes a well maintained, flat trail. As you continue north, you will be presented with amazing views of the canyon walls and the San Francisco peaks- bring a camera.

After about a mile, the Sandy's Canyon Trail intersects the Arizona Trail. At this point, you can continue heading north on the Arizona Trail or head to your right. The right fork will take you to Marshall Lake, but to reach the cave formation, you'll need to keep heading north. Plenty of signage will keep you on the correct path.

The trail continues about another mile and you will once again come to a fork. To your left is Flagstaff, and to your right will be the trail to the cave formation. (the sign says equestrian bypass) - Stay to the right, you're almost there! As you follow the trail it will slowly curve to and as you come around the bend, there will be the cave.

The cave at Fisher Point is a good spot to rest and maybe even have lunch. Overall this is a very nice day hike that is perfect for the family. The scenery is incredible and you get great views of Walnut Canyon. It has fast become one my favorite quick day hikes in Northern Arizona.

Notes: Horseback riders could be on the trail, so please be aware. The trail is pretty exposed to the sun, so wear sunblock and a hat.

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